There’s Still Time! 5 Daring But Easy & Quick Design Ideas to Add to Your Home This Year

You can find a piece of art with a phrase you like and purchase, or you could type up and print your own gutsy, meaningful saying. 1. So pick a super small area like a powder room, hallway or entryway. 3. 4. Pretty easy: Give your entire living room a facelift with a set of colorful, patterned and bold pillows you buy or DIY. 5. Room spotted on Sfgirlbybay. The messy edges will look stylish and you won’t have to spend hours taping off lines. Just peel and stick your way to a daring design detail that will fool people into thinking it took you hours to complete. Idea seen in Ferm Living. Soon December will fly by and we’ll be in 2015, a brand new year with a brand new opportunity to be our boldest, most daring, decorative selves in our home. No taping off required (though maybe laying down a tarp to protect the floor would be wise) and you can paint as big of an area as you want. Wow, November already. Pretty easy: Add pattern to a ceiling

The key here is to pick the right location, the easiest application and a simple-to-do pattern. Room found on HGTV. But don’t give up on being gutsy in decor just yet; we’ve got five design details that are easy enough you could still add them to your home to wow this year! If you do decide to DIY this idea, be sure to stick to a simple layouts, contrasting colors and modern typefaces; it’ll read and look better. Room image found on Design Manifest.

Updated: 16.11.2014 — 20:07