Balki’s Sleek 400 Square Foot Downtown Toronto Studio — House Call

My space is practical and functional for my needs. I just roll out a yoga mat to protect the floor and I’m good to go. Plus, when I have company over, I can simply put away the mouse and keyboard and pull out the desk to use as a games or dining table. Wall-mounting my monitors freed up a lot of desk space. I would say that my most prized item is my beautiful fiddle leaf fig. Contact the editors through our House Tour House Call Submission Form. The mirrored closet has more than sufficient storage space for me. I even have room to workout as you can see with my set of adjustable dumbbells. I love my workspace. (I’ve named her Carla!) I think plants are so important, especially in a small space. In addition to clothes, it houses an extra folding chair, my laser printer, some documents, and much more! I also have a pull-up bar (that I can put in the bathroom doorway) and a couple of medicine balls (that are tucked away under my bed). • Interested in sharing your home with Apartment Therapy?

Updated: 17.11.2014 — 08:01