7 Things Around the House Not to Worry About This Holiday Season

And unless it’s a gaping hole in your ceiling draped with a tarp, you don’t really owe anyone who comes into your home an explanation, and they probably won’t notice. 5. 7. Cleaning every inch of your home before guests arrive

While this time of the year is a great time to really deep clean every corner of your home, with all the things on your holiday to-do-list, it just might not be a priority for you. That not every square inch is exploding in holiday cheer

Though we are firm believers in the power of celebrating the seasons with decor around your home all year long, it doesn’t mean you have to look like you walked into Martha Stewart’s house. Or focus on DIYing affordable entertaining objects that will take your mind off of your plates not matching! That you don’t have guest bedrooms

Remember that folks are mainly coming to visit with you; your personality and welcoming attitude are more important than an entire guest room. That your home isn’t “perfect” yet

If life got in the way of any home repairs or DIY projects this year, don’t worry; that probably happened to a lot of people. Make the time, money and energy investments transforming whatever space you do have into as comfy a space as you can. Whether you have enough dinnerware that matches

If you are planning a huge get-together at your place this holiday season, the pressure to have every detail perfect can be overwhelming. 4. Get creative to mix and match what you do have to set a table you’ll love, mismatched plate and all. When it comes to getting your home prepared for the holiday season, there are plenty of things you can cross off your worry list right here and now. And then just add those beautiful elements that make guests feel welcome anytime of year like a good smelling home or a fresh bouquet of flowers or greens. Yes — using the nice stuff is a great way to honor you and your guests, but very few people are going to care whether or not you have a no-chipped set of matching china for 20 people. But don’t go to extreme lengths of getting rid of all evidence that you have kids or pets for holiday guests. 6. Guests don’t ever really mind having to squeeze into a space when there’s good food and conversation, and no one says you’ve got to be traditional and serve your gorgeous holiday food spread at a big table anyway. That there’s visual proof of pets or kids

For your own sanity you may undertake frequent tricks to disguise the fact that you live with pets (like hiding the litter box) or organizing methods of getting kids’ toys under control. 2. So instead, focus on making your guests feel welcome, brag about the stuff you did do, and learn from your time management and DIY mistakes this year so you can do a better job in 2015! 1.

Updated: 17.11.2014 — 14:01