DIY for the Lazy: 6 Cute Projects That Don’t Take A Lot of Work

Seen on Two Thirty-Five Designs. All of them give you a good-looking finished result without a lot of work. In no time you could have a bold look without any applying of glue at all. (Pictured above) The only things you need to add some bold pattern to your kitchen cabinets are some wrapping paper/sheets and tape. If you love the idea of filling your home with handmade touches you’ve lovingly custom-added to your home but never seem to find the time or energy to get your hands dirty with a DIY project, you might like one or more of these six ideas instead. You just need to be able to wield scissors for this project. This idea spotted on Lulu Georgia. In the project spotted on Fifty Two Weekends of DIY, paint is applied to update the closet, but you could make this idea even easier by just styling the space with elements you already have on hand. Cozy up any room of your house and get a fresh take on the sheepskin look by getting a yard or two of faux fur fabric from your local fabric store and cutting it into a “hide” shape to drape on anything that needs some style. Reclaim your bedroom or your living room from your pup and make a linen closet way more attractive by fashioning a cute dog bed nook. It’s not perfect — you’ll be able to see seams and it probably won’t last forever, but it’s a great way to get a quick update for awhile. This lovely braided rope rug isn’t braided, and the materials used to make it are few and found at your local hardware store.

Updated: 17.11.2014 — 20:01