31 Clever Tech Gifts You Might Want To Keep For Yourself

27. Get it here. Get it here. Get the cheaper, stocking-stuffer version for only $8. 6. Kopi Kbar: a Power Strip with USB Ports, $60

It’s an energy-efficient aluminum power strip that adds dual 2.1A USB charging ports in addition to its 3 standard AC outlets. 24. It also contains attachments for world travel, making it the only charger you’ll need. Get it here. The Pocket Prong iPhone Case, $70

Get this for the person who is constantly borrowing your charger. For the UK, buy it here. Lighted Cord Organizer, $20

This thing keeps cords organized on a desk or nightstand and it looks way more expensive than what you paid for it. A powerful portable charging device, it can charge two gadgets at once. 30. 15. 31. The iPhone Dock That Gets Your Device Off the Floor, $19.95

No more fussy cords to mess with. Posted By MMK on Nov 16, 2014 | comments

1. Read more about it here. It also comes in a wallet format, available here for $50. 28. iPad Pocket Projector, $250

Get it here. Automatic, The iPhone-Connected Car Tracking Device, $99.95


4. Cool. Source:   BuzzFeed Mophie’s Back-Up Charger Keychain, $26

The fact that it’s on a keychain makes it highly practical. 19. A must have for campers and travelers. 29. Buy it here. 12. The Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard, $99

So. 20. Get it here. Bedphones, $19.95

They’re comfy headphones designed for use when falling asleep. Get it here. Available here. It has SO many pockets. 13. Get it here. Zooka Wireless Speaker Bar for iPad/Bluetooth, $57

It comes in lots of fun colors and has a durable silicone exterior so it’s great for traveling. Get it here. 18. 3. Get them here. Get it here. Surge Protector + USB adapter in One, $9.95

At this low price-point, you could afford to give these as super practical stocking stuffers. Get it here. 8. Get it here. Get it here. Dual USB Car Charger, $25
No more fighting in the car. It’s very sleek and pretty, too. 17. TaskOne iPhone Multi Tool Case, $99.95

Get it here. Magnetic Refrigerator iPad Mount, $55

Sleek and space-saving. Kogeto Dot Panoramic Attachment, $49

Take immersive panoramic photos and video with this nifty little add on. Silicone Water Bottle with iPhone Storage, $21

Perfect for any gym bunny. The U-Board Monitor Stand, $45

The perfect present for someone who works from home. 2. The Only iPad Wireless Flash Drive, $119.95

It holds an 8GB SD card (holds up to 32GB) and transmits data to your iPad wirelessly and seamlessly up to 150 feet away. The Power Grid from Tego, $49

This thing is perfect for travelers. 14. 7. The Window Solar Charger, 50 €

Get it here.

Updated: 17.11.2014 — 08:01