São Paulo bookstore walls are "clad with books" from floor to ceiling

“All the other surfaces are clad with wood to create a cosy environment,” Simas says. The central space has been left open plan for flexibility. “It’s a place where people feel comfortable and relate to the books in a more informal way.”

The store features a raised corridor and a large bank of bleachers at one end to enable customers to reach books on the top shelves. “The space is a very lively space,” says Simas. I think it’s a very successful project in terms of how people use and occupy a common space.”

Inside Festival   took place at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore from 1 to 3 October. “More and more the authors want to launch their books there so they are hosting many vernissages and things are happening there.”

Dezeen Book of Interviews: our new book, featuring conversations with 45 leading figures in architecture and design, is on sale nowShe concludes: “There are many gatherings there: people sitting; kids playing. “Most of their sales are online,” Simas explains. “We had a very special space to occupy, the former cinema,” says Simas in the movie, which was filmed at Inside Festival 2014 in Singapore. Studio MK27’s Cultura Bookstore occupies a 2,500-square-metre multi-level space in a shopping centre in São Paulo. You can watch all the movies below. “We had big spans and a double-height ceiling, so we tried to clad the walls with books themselves to use them as a dynamic pattern.”

The client for the project was a Brazilian online retailer, which wanted a physical store to reinforce its brand identity.

Updated: 18.11.2014 — 12:19