Dezeen turns eight: happy birthday to us!

A staircase wraps around one side of the three-storey residence and the slide encircles the other, allowing residents to decide at each level how they wish to descend. Work began on Sagrada Familia in 1882 and   Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi took over the direction in 1914. One such protect exploring this crossover was   Julian Melchiorri’s man-made Silk Leaf, which absorbs water and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen just like a plant. Find out more about this project » The device, which takes its place among MoMA’s permanent collection in New York, attracted over 250,000 pageviews on Dezeen. Find out more about this project »
2014: Silk Leaf by Julian Melchiorri

As part of the Dezeen and MINI Frontiers project this year, we’ve been exploring the future of mobility and examining how technology is intersecting with design. Find out more about this project »
2008: Manned Cloud by Jean-Marie Massaud

This whale-shaped airship was conceived in 2008 by French designer Jean-Marie Massaud as a hotel capable of hosting 40 guests. Created for an installation at London’s Design Museum, the Harvest furniture consisted of flowers commonly found in London. The condom applicator was designed to help prevent AIDS by encouraging the use of condoms, which can – via the applicator – be applied to the penis easily and rapidly in one thrusting movement. From chocolate penises to houses with slides instead of stairs, we’ve pretty much written about everything architecture and design related over the years. Find out more about this project »
2013: Animation shows completion of Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Família

This one-minute animation depicting the completion of   Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Família basilica in Barcelona captured the imagination of our readers. Find out more about this project »
2010: Harvest by Asif Khan

London designer Asif Khan produced these chairs and tables made of freeze-dried flowers in 2010 – and they have gone on to become   Dezeen’s most viewed project of all time. Find out more about this project »
2009: Ink Calendar by Oscar Diaz

This calendar, launched in 2009 by Oscar Diaz, uses the capillary action of ink spreading across paper to display the date. by United Indecent Pleasures

Perhaps one of the most shocking stories ever to be published on Dezeen, this eight-inch chocolate penis oozes fondant cream. With a cruising speed of 130 kilometres per hour and a travelling range of 5,000 kilometres, Manned Cloud aimed to enable passengers to travel the world without polluting places with noise and fumes. The fun house also features a double-height terrace which doubles as a ball pen for children (and adults) to play in. Find out more about this project »
2012: 8 Inches of Dark Chocolate Cock Filled With… Today is Dezeen’s eighth birthday! A movie we made explaining the project and its future applications has so far had over 583,000 plays.

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