A Tour of AphroChic’s Stylish Show Home at Helms Bakery

Top it off with a hand-picked collection of local art displayed alongside vibrant, hand-dyed Rwandan imports inspired by Solange Knowles (more on that after the jump), and the result was a flawlessly furnished space brimming with poise and personality. For info on when The Rwandan Collection will be available for purchase in 2015, follow Aphrochic online and join their mailing list for updates. Thanks, Jeanine and Bryan! Unveiled at the Helm’s home, The Rwanda Collection features hand-dyed batik pillows and vibrant hand-woven baskets and coasters inspired by the colorful style of Solange Knowles. In the space, color-saturated furniture and bold-patterned rugs beautifully coexisted with sleek lines, lush textures and natural materials to create a breathtaking display of what a home can be. (Image credits: Jessica Isaac) Splashes of the fictional home owner’s personality — mainly found in the African-inspired art and literature — mingled with classic furnishings from retailers, such as Room Board and H.D. AphroChic founders Jeanine and Bryan believe that art, especially those of cultural significance, is what defines a space and gives it life. A closer look at the hypnotic blue damask wallpaper in the living room reveals a gorgeous water color silhouette of a Rwandan woman painted by artist Samantha Hahn. The exhibit, complete with a living room, library, master bedroom, dining room, and back patio, was furnished entirely with items from the Helm’s Bakery District’s various retailers. Buttercup, to make this stunning staged exhibit feel like a real home.

Updated: 18.11.2014 — 08:20