How a New York Couple Lives in 242 Square Feet — Curbed

5. And a clever table, with seating for four, folds out of the wall for dinner parties, but takes up hardly any space when not in use. Purge. 1. Here’s how they make it work. One thing I always find myself wondering about tiny spaces I see on blogs is, where is all the stuff? (Image credits: Curbed) Small space, big love. Hooks hanging on the cabinet to the left of the door hold everyday needs like tote bags and umbrellas, and a magnetic strip to the right of the door holds keys. But how would they fit two people — and all their stuff — in 242 square feet? Tired of renting, Jourdan Lawlor bought a tiny apartment on West 12th street — just the right size for one. Use every square inch. The Murphy bed that turns into a couch during the day frees up a lot of floor space — space that can be used for more built-ins and a larger kitchen. 4. I thought it would ruin my relationship with her.” Far from it — the two are engaged and are getting married on New Year’s Eve. They also have a storage space a few blocks away, and swap things out every season. Embrace creative furniture. It’s clever solutions like this that ensure that there’s room for everything — and not a bit of space is wasted. 3. Then, three weeks later, she met Tobin Ludwig. Says Tobin: “We both culled things we accumulated that we had been hauling from place to place because we could. Read more about Jourdan and Taylor’s home, and see more photos, on Curbed NY. The solution they came up with was a pretty extensive remodel — and some very clever small space solutions. Not a bit of space in the apartment is wasted. Go vertical.

Updated: 18.11.2014 — 14:20