5 Things to Consider Before Saying Goodbye to Your Furniture

If you have room to store it, consider putting it away in that attic or basement. (Image credits: Apartment Therapy) After deliberating about its fate, I realized the dresser might work as a nightstand. 5. Give someone else a chance to squeeze more life out of it! Can you sell it? Consider the other rooms of your house, and consider your household needs. It turned out to be the perfect height for a bed side table and so it will stay. Voila! If you have gone through these factors and determine that you have no more use for it, and the item is still in working condition, make sure to donate it to your local thrift stores. For example, I can take the legs off and then paint the table top with chalkboard paint, and stand it up in my daughter’s room as a chalkboard. Can it be used for in another room, maybe for a different purpose? You might end up needing it, liking it again or gifting it to a friend or family member who needs it in a few years. Can you take it apart to use its various parts? 3. Maybe you have a dresser that is falling apart but each of the drawers are still in good shape; paint the drawers, add a couple of table legs, and turn that into a side table. Maybe your old dresser can be spruced up with some beautiful hardware and that might inspire a whole new life out of it. If you are tired of your coffee table that you’ve had since college, take a good look at it and determine if you can give it a new coat of paint and a different style of table legs. Do you have room to store it? Even if you don’t recognize a need for it in the present moment, the item might meet a need in the future. I had been using a small dresser as my daughter’s changing table in the nursery for the past couple of years, but now that she is a toddler, she doesn’t need it and the dresser was just taking up space. 4. Or maybe I could replace the skinny legs with sturdier ones, add some cushions and turn it into a bench for our foyer area. At the same time, I had been needing a bed side table. If you know how to reupholster chairs, try a whole other color or pattern to change it up. Something that you don’t want in one room, might serve a different purpose in another. 2.

Updated: 18.11.2014 — 16:20