24 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Place For Free

There’s a ton of free public domain art available online, like from public library sites or Wikimedia Commons. Even if *you* don’t have a printer for all of these, chances are your office does/your friend does/your friends’ office does/you can spring for a couple bucks to have Staples do it. 7. Use paint chips to cover an entire wall. All you need after that is a printer and maybe a frame if you fancy. Or just strap on a cushion and call it a seat. 2. Get these directions here. 23. Use removable poster tape or painters’ tape to minimize wall damage. And these simple wall flowers. 18. primermagazine.com

Download them from Primer Magazine. 20. You can find plenty of carpet squares for free. Posted By MMK on Nov 18, 2014 | comments

By the time you’ve paid your rent, bought your furniture, and forked over cash for toilet paper, the last thing you want is to drop more dough. 22. Old Lamp Shed / domesticsluttery.com

15. barberoarchitetti.it

13. 16. And these even-more-adorable 3D letters. Use newspaper to make a wall design, like a map. apartmenttherapy.com

12. Download them here. Order these incredible (fake) signed pictures of random celebrities. Find them here. Re-cover a boring or beat-up lampshade. Or use leftover pieces of wrapping paper. Download this adorable printable calendar. And these patent-design prints. If you have roommates or live with a significant other, add theirs to the collection too! Hang wallpaper samples or pieces of fabric. Get the directions here. 24. You can use scraps you already have lying around or paint chips. Or just straight-up use maps. 6. 9. They’re free from Celebrity Merch. 21. It’s a step above taping torn covers to your dorm room walls. 1. 14. 10. Print this one out here. Hang a favorite quote (or ten). Display keys from everywhere you’ve lived. 5. If you want to decorate with wine/beer bottles or jars, nail polish remover will help take the labels right off. Display magazines on hangers.

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