Shop 03 by i29 Interior Architects

Flexibility and being able to change the store identity completely was our main focus. Hanging from walls, floors and ceiling these panels intend to function as a white canvas. During the opening party, conceptual artist Niek Pulles presented a series of masks called Future tribes. Also the grafic opening installation ‚new’ was displayed over several panels playing with the multi dimensionality. Detailed portraits of these artworks where also displayed at the front panels. Illuminated pendant lamps suspended from the ceiling are shielded by the upper tier of the graphic. In order to enlarge and amplify this contrast, all choices made are contradictory: black versus white, square vs triangular and empty vs full. The use of text and graphic art linking back to the magazine’s origins. ‘The interior speaks a totally different language (then the first store) because the interior space is so different. From i29 Interior Architects
Having successfully opened a temporary store earlier this year, Frame Magazine decided to continue at a new location. The new Frame store again offers a sensory experience. Again, the Frame Store should offer a three-dimensional experience of the magazine – a creative and innovative universe that surprises and inspires. Personalized presentations on particular themes can be exposed. But also enabling artists to be invited by FRAME Magazine to completely make over the environment. Shop 03 by i29 Interior Architects
Posted by Erin on November 18th, 2014

i29 Interior Architects have recently completed a retail store for FRAME Magazine in Amsterdam. Frame store works in the intersection between art, design, architecture and fashion. Design: i29 Interior Architects
Photography by Ewout Huibers

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Comments are closed. Working within a totally different context, i29 interior architects proposed a radical concept; two shops in one, two contradictory experiences in one space. With only a few steps beyond the canal house’s ground level entrance, a two-tone graphic spanning the height and length of an interior wall is exposed as a three dimensional installation. There could not have been more contrast with the new location at Herengracht 178, a serene completely white space. Seen from the front, an installation of white panels and black frames floats in the all white space. The content of this ‘canvas’ can be changed as all front panels are easily replaceable.

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