Norderhov Cabin by AtelierOslo

Seen from all levels in the cabin, you can enjoy the fireplace from far away or lying down next to it. The main structure is laminated timber completed with a substructure of Kerto construction plywood. The interior is a shaped as a continuous space. AtelierOslo have designed a cabin in the Korkskogen forests near Hønefoss, Norway. Architect: AtelierOslo
Team: Nils Ole Bae Brandtzæg, Thomas Liu, Marius Mowe, Jonas Norsted, Juan Ruiz, Bosheng Gan, Sveinn Thorarinsson, Emmanuel Ferm
Consultants: Estatikk AS v/ Sivilingeniør Ole Morten Braathen, Aps AS v/Kåre Wærnes, Moelven Limtre AS v/ Rolf Evensen, Concept design v/Fredrik Eng,
Main conctractor: Byggmester Bård Bredesen
Photography by Atelier Oslo, Jonas Adolfson, Lars Pettersen This provides the feeling of a campfire in the landscape. The transitions between these levels create steps that provide varies places for sitting and lying down. The site is often exposed to strong winds, so the cabin is organized around several outdoors spaces that provide shelter from the wind and receives the sun at different times of the day. The fireplace is located at the center of the cabin, set down in the floor of the main access level. The cabin is supported by steel rods drilled directly into the rock, supplemented with a small concrete foundation under the fireplace for stabilization. The curved walls and ceilings form continuous surfaces clad with 4mm birch plywood. From the architect
The project is located in Krokskogen forests, outside the town of Hønefoss. The lodge consists mainly of prefabricated elements. The floor follows the terrain and divides the plan into several levels that also defines the different functional zones of the cabin.

Updated: 19.11.2014 — 13:45