Gravesend: Fake Town for Simulating Crimes, Riots & Terrorism

As Geoff Manaugh   summarizes the setup, “the barren streets and hollow buildings of this militarized non-place were designed for use as an immersive staging ground for police-training exercises, fighting staged riots, burglaries, bank robberies, and other crimes” including hostage situations and terrorist attacks. Gravesend: Fake Town for Simulating Crimes, Riots Terrorism

Like the set of a movie or setting of a video game, this surreal suburban facility could easily be mistaken for a real place at first glance – in reality, the installation is an elaborate artificial environment used by police to simulate complex and dangerous situations   (photos by Chris Clarke). This surreal installation serves as a chilling account of the death of community in 21st century Britain.”
Comment on Facebook Located in Gravesend, Kent, just outside of London, this strange facsimile of an urban complex is devoid of residents but comes complete with parks, nightclubs, estates, aircraft, trains and tube stations (for hijacking and bombing simulations). Its population, instead, consists of the ebb and flow of the Metropolitan Police, of which the complex accommodate up to 300 militarized participants at one time.

Updated: 19.11.2014 — 11:47