Young designers to watch in 2015: Aileen Poe

It’s something I only developed on in my final year at art school and is prominent in my thinking behind the Dressing The Screen project (see below). The DAD New Blood Academy is the ultimate prize for young creatives. As symptoms progressively worsen, so too does the condition of the book; the stock lighter in weight, and the binding gradually looser. There is a lot of competition out there and you need to make yourself seen. I don’t think that should stop as soon as you get a job either – I’m still looking for competitions and other work to do outside of work that show where my interest lie and what I’m capable of. 02. Taking inspiration from retro pin art toys, the installation reflects the ever-changing nature of fashion and the driving force of the new medium of fashion film. I’ve spent a lot of my life living and working in Glasgow – primarily hospitality jobs to fund the never ending studentship! Before I came down to the DAD exhibition and academy, I was pro-active in sending work out to people and asking if I could come and meet them, and I gained a lot from that. What’s the biggest lesson you learned from this summer? DAD’s New Blood Academy was a dream come true for PoeSecuring a placement with my dream agency through the DAD New Blood Academy, and meeting a bunch of amazing people through it that are all at the same point in their career as me. To find out more about the DAD New Blood programme, visit The exhibition willl feature three dimensional static wayfinding that will echo the installation in form, but will display both languages back to back as they protrude from the centre board leaving the audience free to walk around the whole piece. Nothing will come to you without trying. The narrative throughout humanizes the book as if it were the patient itself. Beginning structured and organized, it purposefully becomes more erratic in reference to the symptoms that it describes and the changing condition of the book. And first off the mark is graphic designer Aileen Poe… I think there is such a wide scope to how a 2D brief can be transferred across 3D platforms and the potential of this is what inspires me in every project. In this series of interviews, we’re going to present some of the ones to watch from this summer’s New Blood Academy, supported by WPP. Additionally, the reader in turn has to interact with the book more as they progress through it, reflecting the increasing level of care-giving a patient requires over time. What’s next for you? This is juxtaposed with the medical information, prompting the reader to feel as if they themselves are the carer. I’m currently in a three month internship that will take me up to the end of the year and then who knows. What’s been your career highlight to date? Course: BDes Graphic Design
University: Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art Design, Dundee
Achievements: First Class Honours, Nominated Best in Category DAD Student Awards 2014, Awarded a Pass in ISTD Student Assessment Scheme 2014, Semi Finalist in Adobe Design Acheivements Awards 2014 for Motion Graphics
Tell us a bit about yourself…
Graphic designer Aileen PoeI’ve just graduated from art school in Dundee and I’ve moved to London to try my hand at some of the agencies down here and find where I fit in in the design world. I wanted to create a kinetic identity that would be displayed as an installation in the foyer of the venue. The bilingual content in the catalogue is displayed back to back within the pages, just as the three dimensional wayfinding does. It referenced design as being an integral part of the pre-flight checklist that businesses need to do in order to take off. I have a bit of a sculptural background from when I left school – I originally started (and dropped out) of a scultpure degree at GSA but I’ve found that it has worked its way back into my creative process later in life. 01. I know I will still be bumping into these people for years to come and it was a great start for me moving to a new city to have an instant network of like minded people! The final outcome was an animation in the style of a flying manual. Dressing The Screen
Response to the 2014 DAD brief Dressing The Screen to create a bi-lingual identity for the exhibition which reflected the high-fashion and moving nature of the content. The publication takes the reader through progression of the disease, beginning with the science behind it, to declining cognitive functions, and ultimately the care of the patient.

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