Harbour Heights Residence by Omar Gandhi Architect

The fireplace chimney extends upwards through the grand space of the cathedral ceiling. The lower level includes the bedrooms and family room. The master bedroom is bumped out from the primary linear gable massing and is clad on three sides with glass, giving it the ultimate view. Harbour Heights Residence by Omar Gandhi Architect
Posted by Erin on November 19th, 2014

Architect Omar Gandhi has completed the Harbour Heights residence in Inverness, Nova Scotia, Canada. The entrance is on the second level along with the main living spaces, which include the living room, dining room and kitchen. From the main road the home is presented as a single storey with a perpendicular garage. From the architect
Sitting atop a hillside adjacent to the Inverness Harbour and MacIsaac’s Pond, the cedar clad minimalist gable overlooks the town of Inverness and the critically acclaimed Cabot Links golf course. Architect: Omar Gandhi
Photography by Greg Richardson Photography

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Comments are closed. The exterior cladding is composed of western red cedar in three forms – shingles on the roof and upper level and two widths of boards on the lower levels.

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