"Safe to say he’s the Kanye West of Apple?"

“Apparently Heatherwick is specialising in those things that shine by their lack of connection with their context.”
“I can see crossing the Thames and being charmed by a garden to pass through or while in, but a carbuncle on stilts with the gimpy lacklustre programme of a treasure island? It’s almost the inverse of The High Line,” added l’oncleb. “If I was going to get shot, I’d want it to be from a beautiful gun,” retorted h22. But the sceptical response from some readers left others baffled. “Too much design pedagogy has muddled digital tool with design talent and making,” she wrote. It is the companies that are failing the youth, not the other way around.”
ポケモントレーナー offered another angle on the interest in Ive’s comments by comparing him to one of pop culture’s most divisive figures. It’s extremely rare,” responded davvid. He knows what he’s doing, but I also like how he’s never around for the cameras.”   Read the comments on this story »

Scary Gehry? Thinking of taking his books off my shelf,” wrote j.c.karich. “As with most of his buildings, they are clever in respect to their construction, but it looks as though someone sneezed while designing it,” added Disco, while rachellemme thought it looked like “part of it is melting.”
But a number of commenters jumped in to defend the building. During a public conversation with Design Museum director Deyan Sudjic, Ive revealed that he struggled to recruit young designers for Apple’s products team as they were often unable to make physical objects. Readers were quick to share their opinions on   Frank Gehry’s wavy red brick building for   Sydney’s University of Technology – his first to complete since the architect set our comments section alight by describing 98 per cent of contemporary architecture as “shit”. “Very disappointed to see a great designer like Marc Newson designing a shotgun. Leslie C Roberts, design director at the California College of the Arts, was among the Dezeen readers who agreed with Ive. “Mr Newson seems to be on a quest to design everything that exists in this world. “Each year we see hundreds of shite portfolios from digital tool masters who have no idea how to make anything.”
“I am a senior lecturer on a BA Design program and I couldn’t agree with Ive more (as far as design education is concerned),” added Angus Colvin. “The quality of Gehry’s work is not trendy. Read the comments on this story »   Comments update:   when Apple’s Jonathan Ive took to the stage at London’s Design Museum, he probably didn’t expect his comments on education to become the most hotly debated topic in design this week. It’s less cruel than abattoirs,” added Sally Moore. So this is logical,” wrote momo. “They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but from the outside I’d say this might constitute part of what Frank would call the ’98 per cent’,” wrote melondesign.

Updated: 20.11.2014 — 14:28