Evil Espresso: 13 Amazing Artistic & Unusual Coffee Machines

Coffee Alarm Clock

Coffee could literally be your alarm clock with the Barisieur, which brews up a single cup of fresh coffee at a designated time. Add coffee grounds, pour in some hot water and wait for your brewed coffee to seep through the metal filter. The AKMA is named for the Korean word for ‘devil,’ and like all of Dutch Lab’s coffee machines, it uses a cold-brew technique relying on the force of gravity and a very particular grind of coffee beans – finer than those used for drip coffee, but coarser than those used for espresso. Dutch Lab created this Gothic-themed steampunk ‘monster’ intending for it to look a bit evil. Comment on Facebook Minimalist Single-Serving Brewing Device

Is this the world’s most minimalist coffee maker? It’s available in three different wood varieties which ‘remember’ your choice of coffee, building up the oils of your specific beans and roast over time. Café Balão by Davide Mateus consists of a pair of hand-blown glass vessels, one of which contains a wand-style heating element to boil the water. Sculptural Steampunk Coffee Machine by Dutch Lab

Would you ever guess, seeing it across a room, that this thing is a coffee maker? When the heat turns off, gravity pulls the brewed coffee into the lower vessel. This siphoning coffee maker uses vapor pressure and vacuum to produce coffee, with vapor from boiling water in the lower chamber forcing water into the upper chamber containing the coffee grinds. It doesn’t come cheap, retailing at $1,700. These 13 artistic, high-end and highly unusual coffee and espresso machine designs take the process of brewing your essential daily caffeine intake to the next level and then some.

Updated: 20.11.2014 — 12:29