Meet the alien samurai children hunters from France

I love to deal with masks, helmets, armour; they are a good challenge to create a personality only through pure design and body language. It’s part of a four-picture story. Words: Emmanuel Malin
Emmanuel is a French artist with a background in medical and architectural illustration, and a stint as an art director in the games industry under his belt. When I am given enough freddom with the subject of my sketches, I like to allude to my training as a medical and scientific illustrator. This article originally appeared in ImagineFX issue 34. It’s a very intuitive way to work, and I never know where I am going until it is done, or until I decide it is done. I love to draw the line work and then bring it to Photoshop for inking. The Lecture
A Ram God giving a lecture to some worshippers and birds. Space girly
Half kid, half woman, she still has no name… Family
A sketch on the theme of education, playing a bit with scales. Here, the story about the last and deadly trip of a junkie was a good occassion to do so. I have a very graphical approach to my pictures, mixing very flat elements with indications of space. I love the purity you get in black and white.Emmanuel Malin is a freelance illustrator and fine artist based in Paris. My personal version of Pandora’s Box, with a pinch of tribute to HP Lovecraft, done for Mikosa Press. He studied architectural and medical illustration, before dedicating himself to his personal work. Junkie
A sketch for the Dolor issue 1, published by Rotopol Press. Spatial suits
These sketches were done for a comics project, settled in a twisted sci-fi universe.

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