Dream Jobs: Charlotte Crosby of Farrow & Ball

What did you study? Undoubtedly it’s the variety of work and all the travel I do. What advice would you give to someone looking to do what you do? Where’d you go to school? Spending a day shooting an AMAZING house then remembering I live in a small apartment! What else should we know about what you do? The rest of my afternoon involved meetings about product development and ideas for our next campaign. Make sure to check out Charlotte’s amazing work over at Farrow Ball. (Image credits: Farrow Ball) Thanks so much, Charlotte! Today, for example, I got into the office at 7.30am, tidied up the paperwork on my desk and then set up for the filming of two stop motion shorts. This is a really tough question for me as I’m in one of those jobs where no two days are the same! This evening I’ll leave anything between 6.30pm and 8pm and because it’s wintery outside, I’ll most likely end up under a blanket with some friends watching a good film. From visiting our Japanese agent earlier this year to looking for inspiration at various trade shows, every day is different! What’s the coolest thing about your job? Be open to try things, even if you don’t think you’ll like them. It’s also the people – I’m fortunate enough to work with incredibly talented, kind-hearted and hardworking people. During my first job at a bank, I seemed to be spending more time drawing pictures for the learning and development team than I was doing Swiss Market Intelligence, and at that point I realized I needed a role where I could really use my creativity. Work experience or internships over summer holidays are definitely worth it to understand whether the creative environment is how you imagine it will be. What’s the worst part of your job? I actually studied Management Science at the University of Warwick, which has been a really good grounding for the more commercial side of my current role. It was really just a case of being in the right place and the right time, although a love of design, interiors and colour certainly helps as well! Welcome to Dream Jobs, a new series where we ask some of the coolest, smartest and most creative people working in design today to tell us all about their jobs and just what they did to get there. Let’s get started.

Updated: 20.11.2014 — 22:29