Madison Park House by First Lamp

The main living space is cantilevered from this base much the same way the branches of a tree reach for the sun. A handful of landslides had occurred here in past years, so this tucked-away location had been ignored or avoided until recently. During the design process we often used a tree as a metaphor for our design goals:
1.Sensitively Integrate Structure with Landscape and topography
2.Stabilize the hillside with a deep root system
3.Reduce storm water impact to the site and its surroundings. From the architect
Situated on an existing steep slope lot in the Madison Park neighborhood of Seattle the house grows out of the hillside and allows the main living space to float out amongst the trees. This 3,200 sf, 5 Bedroom house will be an energy star certified residence and is targeted to be 4-star built green. Daunting and stubborn while also inspiring, the site was our true client. Architect: First Lamp
Contractor: First Lamp
Photography by Tim Bies Photography

Architecture, Interiors
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Comments are closed. After a series of site visits with our “ground team” (engineers, excavator, and foundation subcontractors), we came to understand two things: 1) That development here would actually increase the stability of the site and 2) It would therefore be an asset to the surrounding landscape and community. 54 Pin piles, 5 helical anchors, and 110 yards of concrete support the structure and retain the hillside. In many ways, the design response to these goals is very literal.

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