Bulo’s Dan modular furniture system is built from wooden ladders

Dan, named after a ranking system in Japanese martial arts, includes nine height and width options for the ladders to be configured with six beam lengths. Belgian furniture brand Bulo has launched a range of modular office furniture based around black ash wood frames. The horizontal ash elements feature a diamond-shaped section, while the vertical supports are cylindrical with a flattened face where they meet the perpendicular braces. These are completed by surfaces in a variety of colours and finishes that can be reconfigured when necessary. Developed by the brand’s in-house designers, the Dan collection includes black-stained wooden beam and ladder elements that can be combined to build a range of furniture pieces. “Thanks to its design, you will be able to change your standard Dan desk into a standing desk just by lifting the table top a level higher,” said a statement from Bulo. T- and X-shaped connectors slot onto the frames to assemble the pieces, which are designed and manufactured by Bulo in the Belgian city of Mechelen.

Updated: 21.11.2014 — 14:53