Design studio Raw Edges "feels like part of the Moroso family"

Kenny by Raw Edges for Moroso”It’s Kvadrat fabric and it’s only a very long rectangle that’s folded into this curvaceous shape,” explains Mer. They have the know-how, they have the heritage in upholstery.”
Sugar stool by Raw Edges for MorosoMer and Alkalay’s studio Raw Edges has designed two products for Moroso. It’s not just an office with computers. Just spending time there is very inspiring.”
Moroso factoryAlkalay says that one of the things that’s special about Moroso is that they have retained their manufacturing expertise in-house. Dezeen Book of Interviews: our new book, featuring conversations with 45 leading figures in architecture and design, is on sale now”We like to create shapes that maybe look a bit odd or unfamiliar but they are still functioning,” he explains. “So when you use this chair, although it might not look the most comfortable, it is [actually] very comfortable.”
Sugar stool by Raw Edges for MorosoRaw Edges also designed a stool called Sugar for the Italian brand, which features a simple cushion that is clamped onto wooden legs to create a shape like a wrapped sweet. Related story: Benjamin Hubert and Moroso “share a passion for innovations in textile””Now you have lots of companies that are more like editors, they just collect designers that they like and they farm out production elsewhere,” he explains. I mean, you go there and see material and you can touch it. “Sugar, the candy look-alike stools, are just cushions with legs sticking to them,” Alkalay says. Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay of Raw Edges with Patrizia Moroso”[Moroso creative director] Patrizia is so busy,” says Alkalay. “The idea was to celebrate the simplicity of the pattern of the fabric and to reach something that would be very comfortable.”
Kenny by Raw Edges for MorosoAlkalay believes this design approach is representative of the studio’s work in general. “Everyone is involved. “But’s what’s nice is that when you go there she really keeps the day for you. Movie: in the last of our series of exclusive video interviews for Moroso, London design duo Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay of Raw Edges explain what’s special about working with the Italian furniture brand.

Updated: 22.11.2014 — 04:54