25 inspiring examples of 3D art

12. 19. Legacy
Legacy too 3D artist Tamás Török just over two weeks to complete. Southern ground hornbill
This ultrarealistic Southern Ground Hornbill was created using tolls for multiple 3D software packages. Using a leopard model he’d developed previously, this Legacy image took Török, unbelievably, about two and a half weeks to complete. Also check out these Cinema 4D tutorials to improve your 3D skills. 23. 14. The realistic render was achieved using a combination of Sculptris, 3ds Max, Mudbox, V-Ray, MultiScatter and Hair and Fur. Image © Luis NievesAs Ford no longer produces the GT40, digital artist Luis Nieves decided to build his own, only in 3D. New this year, this gorgeous piece is one of our favourites. Aamir crafted this guy’s bulging muscles and razor claws using a combination of Maya, 3D sculpting program ZBrush, and Photoshop CS6. Unbelievably, this image began as five simple 3D cubes of different sizes and shapes, which the talented artist then manipulated using Cinema 4D and Photoshop. Bed Monster
This monster picked the wrong kid to mess with!Digital 3D modeller and animator Aamir is the man behind this brilliant ‘You picked up the wrong bed, monster!’ illustration. Robin Hood
3D artist LrZo was inspired by French comic book Robin Hood when developing this scene3D character artist   LrZo   is a huge fan of comic books and animation and so based this brilliant design on French comic book Robin Hood by Brremaud and Simon Loche. Stroll in the Swamp
Anthony Guebels created Stroll in the Swamp using a combination of tools from 3ds Max, ZBrush and PhotoshopAnthony Guebels is currently working as a 2D/3D artist for Ubisoft Montreal. The initial 2D design was created by Iliya Atanasov before Ani spent a week bringing it to life using Maya, terrain generation software Vue and compositing program Fusion. Yes, you read that right, just a week! Image © Léandre HounnakeNo, we haven’t included a rouge photograph to trick you, this is really 3D art. He specialises in creating promotional artwork, used for the marketing of the different brands of the studio. Shroom
Things are not looking good for that poor unsuspecting fairy in this brilliant 3D scene by Laurent PierlotAlways fascinated by the ability that some creatures have the ability to blend into their environment, 3D artist Laurent Pierlot decided to put his own spin on things in this awesome CG scene. 04. 18. A personal project, Stroll in the Swamp was created with 3ds Max, ZBrush and Photoshop. Hornbach
Creative agency Taylor James produced this CGI shot for DIY store Horbach. Malaysian Dream
3D artist Ani Atanasova created this idyllic scene after a trip to Borneo. 25. Stan ‘The Man’
Talented 3D artist Andrew Hakim Lie created this ultra realistic portrait of comic book legend Stan LeeFrom a comic book character to a comic book legend, this amazing 3D art portrait of Stan Lee was created by Andrew Hakim   Lie. Prom Night
Riciotti captures this young lady’s nerves and anticipation perfectly3D generalist Mickael Riciotti lets the artwork do all the talking in this inspiring 3D illustration ‘Prom Night’. Capturing this young lady’s nerves and anticipation of her big night perfectly, Riciotti’s brilliant piece is a far cry away from (and refreshing change to) much of the busty female-inspired artwork you see. Back to the Great City
Talented artist Bastien Grivet creates this brilliant sci-fi inspired scene using Cinema 4D and Photoshop. Image © Tamas TorokThis breathtaking piece of 3D art was created by Tamás Török using open source 3D software Blender and Gimp for texture painting. Image © Ani AtanasovaAni Atanasova is studio director and lead artist at Pixelhunters, with over 14 years experience in creating 3D art. Sunny Sunday Morning
This relaxing-looking room was created by CEO and co-founder of Arch-Factory Tiago Alexandrino. 09. Specialising in character and creature creation, Aamir nails the stylised look, modelling and lighting in this inspiring scene. “My favourite part of the creative process is the sketching and initial stages,” says the artist. Digital artist Luis Nieves built the entire car in just nine months. 17. 16. 10. This awesome 3D art of Wolverine was created by 3D artist Aamir, who specialises in character modelling and animation. One Small Step
It was one small step for Neil Armstrong and one giant leap for 3D artist Tomas Kral. 11. The story of courage, betrayal and love! To give some of his favourite characters that added dimension, LrZo used Maya and sculpting program ZBrush. Created using a combination of Maya and Photoshop, the striking 3D art took approximately four weeks, from sketching ideas to the final render. Image © Toni BratincevicToni Bratincevic is the senior environment modeller for a major videogame company, but has experience in all aspects of 3D, from rigging and animation to final compositing. This awesome space scene took Kral three weeks to complete, with most of the geometry created in sculpting software ZBrush and some textures taken from CG Textures. 22. Abstract surrealism in interior
Igor Kulkov’s interior 3D scene features some Picasso pictures, the rest was formed purely from his imaginationThe concept for this 3D scene came about after artist Igor Kulkov saw some pictures in a surreal style and wanted to use the idea to form an interior. Image © Jonathan BallFreelance illustrator and graphic designer Jonathan Ball spent three to four weeks working on this image in his spare time. 15.  
21. 08. Working together was a new experience for the duo, but as two minds are greater than one, they managed to complete the detailed piece of 3D art in just two months. Working in VFX and specialising in modelling, the 3D art project took Vardazaryan about a week to complete. The talented designer spent nine months building the classic model from scratch in his spare time. Chameleon
This intricate 3D chameleon model was carefully crafted by freelance animator Aram VardazaryanFreelance animator and creative designer Aram Vardazaryan is the man behind this brilliantly detailed 3D model of a chameleon. 07. Exodus from Delta B-56
This vibrant 3D image took artist Jonathan Ball approximately three to four weeks to complete. 06. Taking just five or six days, he created this perfect, relaxing Sunday 3D art scene using 3ds Max and V-Ray. GT40 in Monte Carlo
This detailed 3D model isn’t just a shell. With just over two years’ experience of working in CG, it’s hard to believe this brilliant image took Kulkov just 10 days to complete using 3ds Max and V-Ray renderer. The talented 3D artist produced this image using 3ds Max, ZBrush, V-Ray renderer, and Photoshop, for the final   part of an intensive CG course. 13. We certainly wouldn’t mess with this guy! The extra dimension provides an added sense of depth that is very hard to recreate in 2D. Forget Godzilla – Fatzilla is here!In this inspiring example of 3D art, motion designer Yaroslav Primachenko used ZBrush to model this cool character, 3ds Max for preparing the rest of the scene and retopology, V-Ray for rendering and Photoshop for the scene’s post-production effects. Rebuild
Freelance 3D and concept artist Neil Maccormack created this cool character using Lightwave and Photoshop. 24. With a clear love of the genre, this talented artist’s portfolio is full of beautiful, intricate sci-fi landscapes. His online portfolio is full of awe-inspiring 3D art, but his most recent, and our favourite, is this cool robot character, which he created using Lightwave and Photoshop.

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