5 Redecorating Steps for the Recently Consciously Uncoupled

Rip off the bandaid and get them out of sight – either send it packing, head to Goodwill, or tuck it deep in a storage bin. Here are five steps to regroup at home:

1. It might be a microwave, or a vacuum cleaner, but you’ll need it before long. Then Replenish Necessities: There’s a practical side to all of this. But do things for yourself that weren’t necessarily possible before, or weren’t a priority. So pack up that stuff, but hold off on throwing it all out the window. And ultimately, there’s a new glorious opportunity. 5. At times the process might be soul-crushing. Yes, Perform Triage: Hide some of the prominent reminders of your ex, or obvious emotional triggers — like photos of you kissing on the beach in Tulum last winter – or stuff that obviously belonged to the other person. Figure out what you like and take the steps to make your home reflect that. Grab onto that knowledge with both hands, and don’t let go. Breakups are hard. You might decide you still really like that Norwegian wool blanket you used to canoodle under, despite the fact that it was a gift from the ex. Think of it as a time capsule to be dug up at a later date, to be examined under a more archeological eye that comes with time and distance. 2. Your history as a couple is also inextricably tied to your own personal history as well. Hang up your favorite Michael Jackson poster, or hire someone to come and deep clean your home if you can afford it — whatever little acts of kindness you can grant yourself during this transitional — and perhaps unhappy — time. This is no time to wallow amongst the remnants of your immediate past. There’s always time to do it later, but for now, give yourself some time to get some perspective. Finally Reclaim Your Taste: Turn your decorating “we” into a decorating “me.” If your own style has been buried under an ugly wagon wheel coffee table, or you’ve forgotten how much you love black bedrooms, this is the moment to remember your individual needs and taste.

Updated: 21.11.2014 — 14:55