5 Ways to Warm Up a Cold Entryway

Maybe you enter through a dark and damp basement. (Image credits: Lizzie Ford; Carolyn Purnell) → Welcome Home: Fresh and Modern Doormats

3. Drop a doormat outside. A rug or hallway runner offers some insulation for your toes; make sure it’s a low-pile rug so the door opens smoothly. If your space is cold because it’s not properly insulated, or something else is wrong with your home, bring it up with your landlord or property manager so they can repair the problem. Maybe the front door is drafty or the floor isn’t insulated. 1. For whatever reason, your entryway is always freezing cold this time of year. The idea is to plug up any open spaces and keep the heat inside (and cold out). 5. From foam tape to rubber tubes, this guide will teach you all about the ways to insulate doors and windows from the cold. As a renter, there are a few things you can do to warm up this high-traffic space in your home. → Best Space Heaters 2012: Apartment Therapy’s Annual Guide

Any tips for warming up a chilly entry? 2. Maybe there’s a big window that’s always cold to the touch. 4. Hardwood or tile floors will keep cold right next to the doorway. But if you’re desperate, there’s no better way to warm up a space that’s always cold.

Updated: 21.11.2014 — 20:55