The Crazy Easy (and Effective!) Way to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

Do you ever have a lightbulb moment and simultaneously feel totally, smugly proud of yourself for thinking of it and really dumb for not thinking of it sooner? But then I realized that I could just use my coconut oil spray from Trader Joe’s! It seems there are a lot of vociferous opinions on the matter, but in my experience, if you clean the surface with vinegar first and then use a tiny amount of oil to buff, the results are beautiful, long-lasting, and with no adverse effects. It sprays such a fine mist—the perfect amount—so there isn’t any glomming up of oil in any area, and it’s much easier to apply. moment. More posts in this series

Cleaning Basics


(Image credits: Leela Cyd) Try your new trick just in time for all the extra fingerprints that come with Thanksgiving making and feasting. Note: I always use paper towels for this particular task because rags with oil on them are a fire hazard in the dryer. Yeah, well that’s how I felt about this cleaning tip that will — seriously — revolutionize your stainless steel cleaning routine.

Updated: 22.11.2014 — 00:55