5 Tasks to Check Off Your Thanksgiving To-Do List a Week Early

If you’re preparing to host Thanksgiving dinner this year, you may be feeling like this week is the silence before the storm. A deep cleaning of your home, even now, will still be evident next week. Take a peek at this post for ideas on how to break up the work and schedule your time: The Stress Free Plan: How To Clean House for a Party

Make personal touches. Many handmade touches can be crafted now, while you have the time for it to be a joy carried out in love instead of a task done in haste. Sheets, towels, toiletries, etc.: if you are all ready before out-of-towners arrive, they’ll feel like you’ve been waiting for them excitedly instead of squeezing them in between cleaning and cooking. Are you making place cards for the dinner table? This will allow you to do just quick spot cleaning and tidying the day before or day of. Having a shopping list (for groceries and supplies) will free you from worrying about what you need and will help you plan. It will also make your preparations more pleasant and efficient, with everything clean and organized. Deep clean. Here is one of our playlists, in case you’d like to give it a listen for ideas: Perfect Playlist: Cozy Winter Dinner Party

Prepare guest accommodations. Or arranging a centerpiece yourself? If you’re hosting any guests overnight, now’s the time to give your guest room or sleeper sofa a once-over and prepare it for company.

Updated: 22.11.2014 — 15:19