Here, There, and Everywhere: Walls of Books in Every Room of the House

Books in the bathroom. Books in the bedroom. Books in the powder room. provided you don’t splash too much, of course. Books in the dining room. You can still have dinner parties there when the whim strikes. Books in the hallway. If your hallway is wide enough, this is a great place for a few extra shelves. A bookshelf in the kitchen is a great place to stash cookbooks… and they make pretty great decor, as well. and a great place to search for a little reading while waiting for the kettle to boil. I think dining room + library is an especially good combination: a lot of American homes have formal dining rooms that don’t really get used, so why not turn the dining room into the library you’ve always dreamed of? (Image credits: Work in Progress; Vogue; Skona Hem; House Beautiful; Period Living; Dezeen; Alvhem) Plus you’ll sleep that much better surrounded by all those lovely spines. Pictured above is writer Michael Cunningham’s bathroom library, spotted on Work in Progress. but why not cover a whole wall (or multiple walls) with some wall-mounted bookshelves, to give your home a cozy library feel? It’s no secret that here at Apartment Therapy, we’re big book lovers. Books in the living room.

Updated: 22.11.2014 — 17:19