Trend Watch: Educational Charts

If you can’t seem to find the perfect educational chart, check out the compilation of imagery put together by collector Katrien Van der Schueren titled The Art of Instruction. From flora and fauna to human anatomy, there is a subject matter to suit any style. Top Row:

A Vintage German Antarctica map chart in a kid’s room from Mini Piccolini
The grey tones of a sea animal provide a tranquil setting from The Boo and The Boy
A numerical chart gives a graphic statement from An Indian Summer
Vintage charts fit in with the feel of this eclectic living room. While traditionally hung from wooden dowel rods, some are more suited for framing or simply tacked up onto a wall. DCW Design
Insect charts make for great styling at Restoration Hardware

Bottom Row:

A gorgeous insect chart from Full Bloom
A well styled ornithology chart from Wallas Verden
These vintage curiosities first popped up on Apartment Therapy back in 2006 in a house tour of Amy’s Retro Ravenswood Apartment
Vintage Flora and Fauna charts featured in the window of Designers Guild in London
A wide variety of charts hung gallery wall style from Little Nostalgia

(Image credits: as linked above; Claire Bock)

Updated: 23.11.2014 — 05:19