Electronic rock band Jape get messy in The Heart’s Desire music video

“It   was made from an old fence that had come down in a storm. Then it goes on a sort of a journey to the end and finally death.”

Finnegan shot the underwater scenes with a GoPro camera in an 18-foot-long home-made tank lined with rocks and plants scavenged from neighbours’ gardens. Then   I taped a GoPro to a pole and would do a few passes, move the rocks and plants around so it looked different then I’d shoot a bit more.”

There were supposed to be real fish in the video, but the goldfish Finnegan bought and added to the tank turned out to be reluctant actors. “They were crap and just hid behind rocks most of the time.” Finnegan’s video, which combines live action and animation, begins with Jape singer   Richie Egan lying on his back and covered with multicoloured paint. “It’s really cheap to buy and is non-toxic and washes off really easily. It was great fun.”

As Egan sings the lyrics to the song, he swallows a strange, worm-like creature, which goes on a trippy underwater journey for the rest of the video. I got most of the sand from a beach nearby. “The underwater stuff was shot in a tank in my mum’s back garden,” he explained. “We used poster paint,” Finnegan told Dezeen. We would just leave the camera rolling while Richie sang, then I’d squirt more paint on his face every now and then.

Updated: 23.11.2014 — 21:29