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Our Style: Second-hand finds meet industrial feminine. It’s really just an elaborate system of trickery — ha! Favorite Element: The floor plan is a huge part of why we ended up purchasing our particular unit. (That said, Kim and Scott haven’t become shrinking violets: pops of melon, yellow, red, and pink still demonstrate their love for vibrant color, but these are meted out in accents instead of being used as wall colors.)

While their space was charming before, it seems their style has evolved to perfectly fit their creativity, humor, and fun, easy attitudes. Their blog is a treasure trove of small-space-living tips, DIY instructions, and lovely photography. The fridge and cold ones are never more than a few feet away. Contact the editors through our Professional Submission Form. We’re always looking for balance in our tiny space — I’m drawn to metal and natural wood tones, and Kim needs pink in her life, so we focus on layering our two styles and making sure one doesn’t dominate the other. Biggest Indulgence: We try to keep everything on a pretty tight budget around here, with almost all of our furniture pieces being sourced from Craigslist, yard sales and flea markets. It integrates the television, the surround sound receiver and 3 speakers, turntable, and vinyl collection — along with open storage for books, art and photos. Open House Tour

Open House Tour

We featured a tour of Kim and Scott’s condo back in 2010, and the comparison makes for a wonderful before-and-after experience. People’s Gas came out to confirm our mistake and make sure we were safe, and we ended the evening with open windows and Chinese food. We have a rule that nothing enters our home that we don’t both agree on. We’ve chosen furniture carefully and try to keep everything up off the floor on legs or casters to keep things open and light. We’re not afraid to admit that we’re heavily influenced by designers, blogs and the like. It was built in a friend’s wood shop back in Cincinnati over one hectic weekend. *Edited from a post originally published on 11.29.12 – AB The best parties end up in the kitchen anyway, so why not integrate it into the living room? The odor hit us immediately, and we knew we’d screwed up. Biggest Embarrassment: A few years ago, we were up to our elbows in a furniture-refinishing project that required the use of mineral spirits and oil-based primer. Biggest Challenge: Finding furniture that fits our unique wall layout has proven difficult at times. We designed it back and forth over email and phone conversations using Google Sketch-up, then ultimately brought it back unfinished and in pieces in our Subaru with about an inch of room to spare. Proudest DIY: We’re super proud of our custom media wall storage unit. It was January in Chicago, so the house was sealed up tight, with a complete lack of ventilation. Ranging from a My Milk Toof print and a hip-hop armadillo to a ten-legged bear and two bison, their art brings in the love of animals, absurdity, and flights of fancy that gives their home such a cozy atmosphere, at once stylish and eminently livable. A lot has changed since then: Kim has transformed the back room into an office for her pet portraiture business, there are many more custom features, like the entertainment console and the office shelving system with built-in speakers, and the color palette has been toned down from punchy greens and oranges to a more soothing mix of soft mint, gray, and white. What Friends Say: We often hear that the space feels larger than it actually is. (Images: Carolyn Purnell)

• HOUSE TOUR ARCHIVE: Check out past house tours here.• Interested in sharing your home with Apartment Therapy? My work leads me in and out of industrial warehouses, foundries and manufacturing facilities, and I’m always fascinated by how things are built and put together. In a moment of fume-induced idiocy, we decided to take a break and heat some dinner up in the gas oven. Contact the editors through our House Tour Submission Form.• Are you a designer/architect/decorator interested in sharing a residential project with Apartment Therapy readers? Inspiration: We find inspiration everywhere. We still laugh about that ridiculous rookie mistake! This combination makes entertaining friends easy and seamless. Given that Kim is an artist, it makes sense that the art in their home would be striking, and their selections manage to blend a refined aesthetic with mirth. Open House Tour

Thanks, Kim Scott!

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