Does Your Bedroom Look Boring? What Might Be Missing

Wrapping you in a cozy paint hug, dark bedroom walls mimic more successfully the dark environment needed to sleep, but then excite in the morning when the light hits the color by being bold and dramatic to help you kick off the day. But it’s really one of the best places to get funny with art and objects. Humor

Since bedrooms are so utilitarian, they tend to be the places where we only perform functions like sleeping and picking out clothes. Though in some ways a boring bedroom could be a good thing — after all, a lack of distractions could calm, which might be just what you need to fall more soundly asleep at night. Just don’t let these two prime spots in your bedroom be an afterthought. It’s the kind of thing that doesn’t immediately scream excitement, but it is the sort of element that can make a room feel more welcome and full, which can have a big effect on it feeling interesting. So let your hair down and play around with taking design a little less seriously in this space. Dark walls

As we’ve seen a few times over, painting your bedroom’s walls dark colors has a calming effect that can rival the peacefulness of a bedroom with soothingly light walls. And don’t forget that you can find patterns in soft, soothing colors without a lot of contrast that can add interest without too much excitement. Pattern

Pattern can be a tricky thing to incorporate into a bedroom, because you don’t want to add a pattern in there that’s so wild you can’t sleep well at night. (Image credits: Arthur Garcia-Clemente; Eleanor Busing; Bethany Nauert; Carolyn Purnell; Danielle Stingu Photography; Kim Lucian; Liana Hayles ; Theresa Gonzalez) For some reason, they tend to be places that, like personal, unique touches, we overlook when it comes to humor. So add that pattern behind your head — think about the wall your bed is up against, your headboard or your curtains behind your bed — all great places to add pattern that can spice up the space without being so loud and busy they excite you too much to sleep. They not only have to be areas that function for what you need for a bedside, they’ve also got to be dynamic, too. If you can’t paint because you rent or aren’t ready to slap black paint on your walls, go for dark colored curtains which will add drama and help block light at night, too. If the bed is the most important element in a bedroom, the bedsides are the next vital spots to design. Interesting lights

Cool light fixtures — or cool light fixture placements — aren’t just for other parts of the home. Personal, unique touches

It’s human nature to spend a lot of time and energy on decorating the more public parts of our homes — the spots that guests will see and love more often.

Updated: 23.11.2014 — 17:29