Not Sleeping Well? 3 Things You Haven’t Tried Yet That Might Work

But just because it’s what you’ve always known, doesn’t mean it’s the best for you. Or maybe you don’t yet realize the comfort that a giant comforter might bring you because you’ve always been a duvet guy. You’ve turned the temperature down in your bedroom. It was tough, but you’ve stopped surfing the web and scrolling through Instagram hours before bedtime. If you’ve always stacked a pile of quilts on top in the winter, you might not realize that lightening that load could let you sleep a little freer and regulate your temperature better. What are some weird things that have helped you sleep better that you want to share in the comments? Consider exploring the options out there to find one that might make your sleep even more comfortable. You’ve added curtains that block out that annoying street light. Keep the pets out of the bedroom

I love a good cat or dog snuggle as much as anyone, but your furry loved ones might be getting in the way of you getting a good night sleep and you not realize it. And you sure as heck aren’t drinking caffeine late in the evening. Mentally dump out of your brain and onto the paper all your worries — all your last minute need-to-dos, thoughts, complaints and more — on to that pad. But you’re still not sleeping well! To get to later or forget forever. Set your worries aside (literally)

If you’re not sleeping well because your brain just can’t shut down — it’s always running at hyper speed with everything you did that day and didn’t do, or waking you up in the middle night with a racing heart and worries, it might help you to keep a paper pad and pencil by your bedside. (Image credits: Monica Wang; Adrienne Breaux; Stephanie Strickland)

Updated: 23.11.2014 — 23:29