27 Genius Parenting Hacks To Make Parenting Life Fun & Easier

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17.”You Shall Not Pass” sign tells your kids when they have enough toilet paper. DIY bottle holder lets babies feed themselves
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4.Use A Plastic Cup As A Sparkler Shield For Children
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5.Hold snacks and games by using a canvas shoe bag. Posted By MMK on Nov 22, 2014 | comments

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24.Glue On The Bottom Of Shoes Offer Slip Protection
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25.Catch Popsicle drips with a to-go coffee lid
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26.Fill a glove with something like beans   to make a silent escape when your little one has finally drifted off to sleep. Tutorial: mylifeinpink-kim.blogspot.ca
10.Make a hammock for your kid under a table. The hacks here make the life full of smile both you and your child, and let you be a perfect parent. Source: amandathevirtuouswife.com
18.Create a safe play area for your kids with inflatable pools. Come to us, we can help you. Source: theparentbible.com
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6.Boxing gloves as a comfortable backrest. Source: imgur.com
19.A sticker help your toddler put their shoes on the right feet
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20.Juice box handles – Prevent kids from over-squeezing juice boxes

21.Water balloon pump
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22.Use your old cell phone to make your own baby video monitor. 13.A baby shower cap will make bath time tear-free. They are small and vulnerable. If so, then you need Monster Spray that stops kids from worrying at night. Source: happygoluckyblog.com

16.Cute baby mop suit. Source: reddit.com
7.Put your kids to work by turning chores into a fun game. Source: theunderweardrawer.blogspot.com
23.Magnet Cups – give your kids their own and attach magnets to them so they can be stuck to the fridge. Source: cynditha.blogspot.com
3.Use fabric paint to make a race track on the back of tshirts. Source: picasaweb.google.com
8.Use a crib sheet over a pack and play when you are outside with your baby so the bugs don’t get them
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9. Luckily yes. Here are all kinds of funny parenting hacks you can find to solve your troubles. To be a “good parent”, maybe you are always asking are there any hacks that help me?

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