Stepping stones traverse a pool at the centre of this home by Besonias Almeida Arquitectos

A large wooden door is set into a deep concrete-lined recess to one side of the house. A narrow walkway runs across the top of the atrium leading on one side to the master bedroom and on the other to the bedroom of the couple’s teenage son. Glass doors slide back from the guest bedroom onto a balcony with a flight of steps down to lawn surrounded by trees at the rear of the house. The two volumes are connected by an internal staircase that spans the courtyard to one side of the water, and a set of stepping stones sunken into the pool. The slim oblong paving stones link the lower-floor living room in one block with an outdoor dining area sheltered by the upper floor of the other. At the front of the house, large vertical sections of glazing are framed by thick concrete fins that protrude out of the lower storey to provide some shade from the sun. A section of textured concrete descends from the ceiling of the bedroom to provide a ledge for a television on one side and a small desk on the other. Collaborator: Enzo Vitali
Photos: Inés Tanoira
Ground floor plan – click for larger imageFirst floor plan – click for larger imageSection one – click for larger imageSection two – click for larger image In the master bedroom, the headboard of the bed rests against the concrete wall that ascends from the living space. Outside the bedrooms a corridor leads across to a guest bedroom on the upper floor of the opposite block. The Argentinian studio arranged the accommodation across two board-formed concrete volumes positioned either side of a shallow pool of water. An outdoor seating area adjacent to the glass-walled kitchen is overhung by the first floor of the second volume. The room has wooden floorboards laid in an arrangement that matches the timber impressions on the concrete walls. A double-height atrium is the focal point of the living space, which has a wooden bookcase at one end and a large open fireplace cut into a concrete wall at the other. Related story: Stacked concrete volumes frame entrance to House M by Estudio AireThe property has three bedrooms, a large living room with a fireplace, open-plan kitchen, a dining area and a veranda. Large windows overlook the water from both the upper and lower floors of the building. Besonias Almeida   Arquitectos   designed the two-storey family home, called Casa Torcuato, for a site on the Olivos Golf Club   in   Buenos Aires.

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