Print Charming: Safe, Simple 3D-Printing Comes Home To Play

The Poieo3D Printer isn’t just user-safe, it’s environmentally-friendly too – something you’d expect of a product that’s to be a permanent part of one’s lifestyle. Designed BY families FOR families, the Poieo3D Printer aims to make an exciting new technology as commonplace and worry-free as microwave ovens and other home appliances we now take for granted. The founders fervently believe an affordable, easy to use, and child-safe 3D printer should be available to ALL families and should be a vital component of every home, workplace and classroom. Poieo3D is the brainchild of several families in the greater Toronto area who felt inspired by the wealth of opportunities offered by the amazing new world of 3D printing. Comment on Facebook Unlike petroleum-based plastics, this material doesn’t give off foul-smelling, toxic fumes when the printer is used making it ideal for non-industrial use. Print Charming: Safe, Simple 3D-Printing Comes Home To Play

Following in the footsteps of the microwave oven, at-home 3D printing in the form of the Poieo3D Printer is ready for prime time, play time and study time!

Updated: 24.11.2014 — 15:41