Alice Wang Design proposes products for the future of marriage

“Instead of using negative phrases such as ‘divorced’ or ‘separated’, can marriages end more peacefully and happily? “Flirting in cyber space has always been a grey area, whether it counts or not has been highly debatable,” Wang said. “Can the marriage certificate be more like a love contract where terms are pre-agreed?”

Couples would sign a certificate that legally binds them for a set period of time, after which they could go their separate ways or decide to renew the contract. Are we still doing four years of college? The first is a ring that replaces the traditional diamond with a digital display showing a pre-arranged number of days that the couple could agree to be married for. Related story: AutoWed Wedding Machine by Concept Shed”Is our society ready for this? Finally, Wang added a wedding ring to a computer mouse. The user slips the ring onto their fourth finger whenever they’re controlling the mouse, reminding them of their wedding vows while browsing and chatting online. As people are living increasingly longer, Royal College of Art graduate Alice Wang’s eponymous design studio considered the consequences this will have on relationships. “As we’re more and more reliant on our mobile phones, we are no longer able to have a quiet and focused meal with our loved ones,” said Wang. “In the future, rather than being married for life, can couples decide how long they want to be married for?” asked Wang. Taiwan studio Alice Wang Design has imagined a series of objects for a future where technology and longer life spans change the way marriage works, including a ring for couples that counts down the days until their vows expire (+ movie). “When one is browsing through social medias or chatting platforms, it heats up slightly as a gentle reminder that he/she is married.”

Updated: 25.11.2014 — 23:44