7 Entryway Ideas That Simplify Your Life

(Image credits: Sibylle Roessler; Andie Powers; Christine Lu; Sherrie U.; Kelly Brown and Melissa Milakovic; Nicole Crowder; Submitted by Yana) You can also keep a stash of one dollar bills nearby to tip food delivery people (when you’re also too tired to cook). Once you walk through the front door, there’s either no buffer or little transition between the entry and the rest of the living space. 7. They have a really low profile, are available in tons of styles, and can hold myriad objects. You don’t want to constantly be vacuuming up debris and worried about your carpet. When in doubt, go with hooks. Make the entryway your first line of defense against clutter. 4. 5. And then some more hooks. With hooks, it takes only a hot second to hang up hats, scarves, bags, or a jackets. a bench with a shelf down below for shoes, or a shelf with hooks secured underneath. Here are seven good ones:

1. Streamline the area by only keeping things that you will use that month. Smart organizational ideas and household tips do just that, and keep your life humming along nicely. You can unload the change in your pocket when you walk in each night. Make things personal so family members know where their stuff belongs when they get home for the day. If you can’t find the perfect thing, try making something custom (like this entryway organizer). Use individual storage units or bins with luggage tags or labels to identify each owner. Keep a trash can, shredder and/or recycling bin nearby (preferably hidden in a cabinet) to dispose of catalogs and junk mail before they can make it in the house. 3.

Updated: 25.11.2014 — 23:45