Holiday Decorating: Festive Fairy Lights

So inviting. The soft glow immediately creates a cozy ambiance and makes any space feel more inviting. What better way to say “the party’s in here” than wrapping your front or apartment door with lights? via Mommo Design
Harsh overhead lighting is death to a good party… via Poppytalk
Here’s an idea: string some lights and photos of your guests on a bare wall, or even provide a polaroid camera and have the revelers add to it as the night goes on. It’s holiday party season, and we’re looking forward to welcoming friends and family into our homes to celebrate. via CraftyBridge
Here, different kinds of fairy lights are used to great (read: extreme) effect in a small hallway. Here are a few idea on how to use fairy lights at your next gathering. via Home Stories A to Z
String some lights up to designate a cozy conversation area, and infuse every corner with warmth. string some lights across the room instead. via The Kitchn

Updated: 26.11.2014 — 09:45