Rendering or Real: Can You Spot the Computer Generated Rooms?

1. Is this luxurious bathroom a computer rendering? Every single one of these spaces is computer generated. This rustic-modern kitchen — rendering or real? … 10. … Scroll down for the answer key… Is this luxurious bathroom real life? 7. … … … Tell us — were you fooled? Grab a piece of paper and a pencil (I know, so old-school) and jot down your answers — there will be an answer key at the bottom. In ye olde days, architects and designers depended on hand drawing and colored pencils to communicate their ideas to clients, but now it’s possible to create nearly photorealistic renderings of spaces that don’t even exist yet. … 2. Ready to see how you did? I know I’ve been surprised, while putting together roundups of beautiful rooms for Apartment Therapy, to discover that some of those spaces exist only inside a designer’s imagination (and a computer file). This sunny kitchen — rendering or real? Pretty amazing, no? Is this shiny kitchen island from real life? 4. Or just a fantasy? You can click the links below the individual images to see more of each artist’s work. This marble kitchen with touches of copper — real? Or rendering? So I’ve put together a little quiz. Answer: They’re all renderings. Computer rendering technology has come a long, long way. 6. … … Or a rendering?

Updated: 26.11.2014 — 13:49