Kim’s Final Reveal: It’s the Little Things — LIVEBLOGGING THE SYLE CURE

It has been a whirlwind of a year for us and we pack a lot of living into not a lot of square footage. Open Slideshow

This (below) is where we started. Part of my motivation behind doing the Style Cure this year was to reclaim our main living space. Click through the slideshow above for all of the after shots. RESOURCES:


Couch: Restoration Hardware
Bookshelf: DIY
Rug: Rugs USA
Poufs and Sheepskin: Ikea
Barcart: Flea Market


Moroccan Wedding Pillows: Pottery Barn
Basket: Target
Blanket: Faribault + Target
Dog Bowls: Waggo
Artwork on Wall: “Paint Chips” Anna Korkobcova, “Botanical California” Platinum Jungle, “So Much” Clare Elsaesser, “Fox and Flower No. While making drastic changes wasn’t really an option, a lot of little tweaks and a few rounds of decluttering made a big difference with how the space looks, feels and functions. (Image credits: Kim Lucian) Thanks for following along with me!

Updated: 26.11.2014 — 23:49