Jasper’s Bold, Beachy Abode — Kids Room Tour

What is your favorite piece or element?I love the mix of patterns and color. The beach, skateboarding and superheroes. Jasper has fun changing the quotes on his lightbox and I love to read the messages he comes up with. Readers, you can see more of Simone by visiting her blog, Honey Fizz or visiting her on Instagram. Name: Jasper (7)Location: Sydney, AustraliaRoom Size: 3m x 3.2m

I always admire when a kid’s room is reflective of his interests, but still manages to be stylish. Open Slideshow

Source List:
White single bed: Fantastic Furniture
Blue White patterned blanket: Kmart
Smile print: Seventy Tree on Etsy
White letters, black arrow, lightbox, cockatoo,black garland: Cotton:On
White sheepskin (faux): IKEA
Painted black dot decals: Wee Gallery
Banana tote bag: HM
Say Yes to Adventures print: Typo
Plywood dinosaur: Cotton:On
Faux cactus: Freedom
Yellow lamp base: Ada Darcy
XO print: Target
Rebels with a Cause wall flag: Blacklist
Messy Micky print: Made by Girl
Skateboard deck: Koskela
Peace sign: Cotton:On
Rug: Freedom
Bedside cabinet, storage system baskets: IKEA

Thanks, Simone! He loves to enjoy quiet time in his room reading or drawing or challenging his brothers to a dance off on the Wii. Open Slideshow

What do your friends say about the room?Everyone thinks this is a really cool space and perfect for our little surfer. Do you have any advice for parents creating a room for their child?Try to reflect their tastes and interests. Luckily I think my daughter and I have struck a good balance, and I bet the same can be said of Jasper and his mom, Simone. Shop anywhere, don’t be confined to just children’s stores. I really love his black and white gallery wall and typography prints. While the chevrons, wall decals, and color scheme in Jasper’s space is perfectly on-trend, you can immediately tell what Jasper’s all about when you enter his room. • MORE KIDS’ ROOMS ON APARTMENT THERAPY• SUBMIT A BABY OR KID’S SPACE

(Image credits: Simone Duckworth; Simone Duckworth ) The only thing I needed help with was putting the surf board racks on the wall and finding the stud behind them. The wall decals are fun and easily changed if we tire of them. This space can grow with him to his teenage years. Open Slideshow

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How would you describe the look and feel of this room?Jasper’s room reflects all of his favorite things. Perhaps more importantly, what does your child think about the room?

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