Green Dunes by Aldo Cibic for Blumohito

The starting point of this artistic path is the research that Mr. The mirror frame blurs the boundary line between the installation and the viewer, as if a mirage was occurring. Aldo Cibic was commissioned by Blumohito to create Green Dunes, a 3D vegetal sculpture depicting dunes, as part of Downtown Design Dubai 2014. The lonesome tree is telling us this, and his benign presence gives shade, relief and protection. From Blumohito and CibicWorkshop
This art project by Aldo Cibic is a tribute to Dubai and a celebration of life. Unlike conventional green living walls, SAG does not require any watering nor power lighting
Green Dunes is a cm 480x260h art piece made by Blumohito with natural sand and SAG (Smart Acoustic Green) technology. Likewise, the border between art and design – or between object and experience, if you like – is dazzled. Stabilizing process brings the vegetal to a steady state, then it remains soft and fresh for an indefinite period of time. Green Dunes is made from   SAG Smart Acoustic Green. Following the acclaim received during Downtown Design exhibition, it has been selected to be shown at La Galerie Nationale, in Dubai. Unlike anywhere else, here in the Gulf life is impelled by the presence of men, and even a desert dune can be turned into a green hill.

Updated: 27.11.2014 — 16:23