This Table Has a Secret (and it’s Pretty Awesome)

I spotted this table on the Belgian blog Naais and (if I’m understanding Google translate correctly), it seems to have been built by one of the homeowners – “furniture designer, illustrator and all-around handyman” Marijn Dionys, a partner in furniture company Stock-out specializing in building pieces from leftover materials. Just as, after wearing comfy maternity pants during two pregnancies, I now believe all pants would be better with elastic waistbands, after seeing this table in all its glory, I think all dining tables should have this wonderful feature… I’ve seen the hideaway table idea for children’s playspaces before, but never applied to such a large table. And, LEGO aside, think of all the other projects, kid or adult, you could cover up when the family’s ready to dine. For any family swimming in LEGO, this is a wonderful way to hide it away without disrupting creations (except, sadly, very tall ones).

Updated: 27.11.2014 — 18:25