Alison’s Room Reveal: A Room of Dad’s Own — Liveblogging the Style Cure

Score! But our bank balances are glad for it. No Dad, no they don’t. It’s perfect… Honestly, at times it was hard to buy nothing. The day after we’d painted, Ralph (my son/Dad’s grandson) went into the room and said WOW. Here’s our budget/source list broken down:

IKEA leather chair: $20 from ebay
Grey striped bedspread: $49.99 from IKEA
White pillowcases: $4.99 from IKEA
Throw pillow: $25 from IKEA
Blue bedside table: old bedside table painted with $3.50 mis-tint paint! Dad: Nah, they’ll show up tomorrow. While we were painting, one of the classic moments from the Style Cure for me was this:

Me: Dad, we should take a moment and check if we’ve missed painting any spots. Remember when it looked like this (above), a collection of the usual random assortment of stuff that finds itself in a spare bedroom? “Well, all I wanted was a room that made someone go WOW. At times it was logistically harder, but overall it was much more fun than decorating alone. And wherever the biggest missed spot is, that’s where you put the bed. It’s a modest room, but our Style Cure was all about sticking to budget. Total spent: $103.48

People asked me, over the last few weeks, how it was decorating a room with my Dad. Now THAT’S interior design.

Updated: 27.11.2014 — 22:25