Ninka’s Lovely Scandi-Dutch Mashup Nursery — My Room

Sticking to ‘less is more’ rule helped to avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed by too much stuff. Grey walls were the starting point and it was a challenge to add more brightness and color to the space. • MY ROOM ARCHIVE• SUBMIT A BABY OR KID’S SPACE

(Image credits: Zajaczkowski Photography) My favorite thing in the room is the wall with polka dots pattern and Ninka letters, and the baby mobile with colorful birds sitting on benches. We decided to purchase functional and mostly white furniture pieces for storage, changing and nursing. I found most of them at Polish on-line shops with hand made crafts. Ultimately the grey served as an ideal background for the white pieces of furniture and eye-catching decorations. Scandinavian style with its black and white, geometric patterns and touches of nature was my primary inspiration. Name: Ninka (4 months)Location: Wroclaw, Poland

When we learned we were having a baby girl, I immediately started collecting ideas for her room. I wanted to create a simple, relaxing and stylish space that would grow with our little one. At the same time I wanted to add some visually stimulating decorating pieces. It’s a pleasure to see that Ninka enjoys the space too, especially the mobile hanging above the changing place. With the colorful hand made decorations, the room transformed into a unique, enjoyable space.

Updated: 28.11.2014 — 00:25