Fiesta Del Vino Wine Bar by mode:lina architekci

Fiesta del Vino is outstanding in the place where it built – thanks to the characteristic totem at ramp. You can come and buy just one bottle, try some chorizo or stay and become pro wine taster just for one day. The designers exposed steel logo of Fiesta del Vino and gave a new character of all environment. The atmosphere is created with colours. Small tables, proper light and cosy couches, that’s the recepie for good wine amateurs’ interior! mode:lina architekci have designed the Fiesta Del Vino Wine Bar in Poznan, Poland. From the architects
“I don’t want winery, but a wine shop, where you can also have a glass with some tapas.” That was new owner’s main goal. Design: mode:lina architekci
Project team: Pawel Garus, Jerzy Wozniak, Kinga Kin, Agnieszka Owsiany
Photography by Marcin Ratajczak and Avantgarde Studios and Patryk Lewinski Building’s form was simplifed and achieved a new skin. The building is approachable, climatic and visible. Whole space is clearly divided into single areas, still very matching in style. The next tasks for architects from mode:lina architekci architecture studio was to designed elegant elevation.

Updated: 28.11.2014 — 14:50