Southlands Residence by DIALOG

The house was designed around the structural grid established by an earlier residence. The deep eaves offer protection from glare and direct weather penetration while framing views of the planted basin and maximizing natural illumination. Polished, heated concrete floors run continuously throughout. The design capitalizes on moments of natural splendor in social zones while playfully borrowing from foliage and topography in the creation of private contemplative spaces. While remnants of original footings and columns remain, the Southlands Residence completely reinterprets the competing notions of privacy and exposure adjacent a well-travelled avenue. An exposed wood roof with jewel-like steel connections runs the length of the house, extending generously beyond large expanses of commercial curtain wall glazing. The house fulfills its ambitions as a gateway and the final living space is revealed as the site itself – one level below and a world away. Access to this private outdoor environment is provided on the north side of the house through an integrated garden storage and potting area. The lush basin resulting from long-standing environmental forces sets the stage for a dramatic and highly contextual architectural response. Descending to the more sequestered zone below affords a fleeting glimpse of the creek and navigable landscape beyond. Strategically placed concrete fin walls in the landscape, meticulous interior millwork objects, and substantial feature skylights define private living zones on an otherwise open main level. Architecture and Interior Design Team: DIALOG
Structural: Equilibrium Consulting Inc. A perimeter network of decks straddles this covered zone, further blurring the line between interior and exterior. Where previously the landscape had bounded interior volumes, the building skin now frames entry into the luscious outdoor realm. Surrounding bamboo, rhododendrons, and Japanese maples become as much a part of the interior living areas as the client’s carefully selected pieces of furniture. This deep threshold contains all the tools required for the client’s landscaping penchant while marking the start of a rich site circulation sequence.

Updated: 28.11.2014 — 18:50