3D World download files for issue 190

Download your Digital-Tutors tutorial here (275.8MB)
Core Skills: 5 Video Tutorials for Maya
Learn to xGen hair, Bifrost, colour management, natural lighting and more with this collection of video tutorials for Maya. Download your Artist QA files here (107.4MB)
Download your Artist QA video here (57.1MB)
Feature: 25 Pro Tips to Create
Game Environments
Download extra art and textures to get more from Devon Fay’s tips feature for Modo. Download your Showcase files here (24.1MB)
Community: Waterproof Studios
Download the extra art and high resolution process images for Waterporrof Studio’s Civilisation Beyond Earth cinematic. Download your In Focus files here (18.5MB)
Artist QA: Various
Download the video tutorial and step images to follow this issue’s Artist QA core tutorials. Complete Digital-Tutors Video Tutorial: Age wood and metal
Discover how to age wood and metal in this complete tutorial from Digital-Tutors, including video, files, textures and more. Download the files here (320.8MB)
Shortcuts: Space Cat Hob
Download the high resolution process art and making of lighting video to accompany this issue’s Shortcuts project interview. Download your tutorial files here (42.5MB)
Download your tutorial video here (84.9MB)
Develop: Create Your Own VFX
Nicolas Brunet shares his techniques and advice for creating your own VFX film. Download his video and extra step files. Download the project files here (102.1MB)
Download the video files here (78MB) Download your video tutorials here (265.6MB)
Core Skills: 3ds Max Training  
Learn to rig a car for animation in this five-part video tutorial for 3ds Max. Download your tutorial files here (740.9MB)
Download your video files here (26.5MB)
Tutorial: Create a Game Environment
Part 4: Using Unreal Editor
Download the video files and extra step images to follow Andrew Finch’s tutorial to create a game environment. Download your tutorial files here (52.2MB)
Tutorial: Create a Low Poly Mech
For a Video Game
Download extra step images and video tutorials Andrea Lazzarotti’s tutorial to model, texture and rig a manga mech for a video game. Download your Shortcuts files here (4.4MB)
Download your Shortcuts video here (10.1MB)
In Focus: Hellion
Download the extra step images to follow this issue’s reader In Focus project, reworking Blizzard’s Hellion.

Updated: 28.11.2014 — 14:52